Highlights SWISS-MOTO 2019
With approximately 891,000 registered bikes, scooters and motorized bicycles, Switzerland has the highest number of motorbikes per capita in Europe and can rightly be considered a biker’s paradise. The country’s well-maintained mountain passes and highways, glittering lakes and rivers, dense network of petrol stations and restaurants and manageable distances are more than enough to tempt fans of two wheels to hit the open road. From the breathtaking panoramas offered by its winding passes to the Mediterranean flair of its palm trees and lakeside promenades, Switzerland’s many different faces make motorbike touring an unforgettable experience.
In conjunction with the Swiss Tourist Board, SWISS-MOTO 2019 will present the biker’s paradise of Switzerland in its very best light. Various cantons will reveal insider tips from their regions and, in a new development for 2019, bike fans can explore the largest map of Switzerland ever produced over more than 200 sqm of digitally augmented reality. Visitors can enjoy exploring the many facets of this biker’s paradise in impressive style, from the most picturesque bike tours, every pass in the Swiss Alps, live weather for biking in Switzerland, the best meeting spots and plenty of tips for biker events across the country.

The Freunde alter Motorräder (Friends of Old Motorbikes – FAM) will also be displaying a selection of historic Swiss bikes, from Condor (Courfaivre), Darling and DUSS to Universal and Zehnder

Additional Highlights