ETH MOTO Racing Team.

Highlights SWISS-MOTO 2019
As part of SWISS-MOTO 2019, nine aspiring engineers from ETH Zürich will present a promising innovation project for motorcycle racing. The ETH students were the first Swiss team to compete against 71 teams representing universities in 17 different countries at the international MotoStudent Competition. The budding young engineers were tasked with designing, manufacturing and testing a motorbike within 18 months before pitting their innovation projects against each other at the FIM Circuit in Aragon. The Swiss team’s fundamental innovation is a carbon monocoque frame with the advantage that the form is perfectly suited to the use of carbon and the structural characteristics of the frame are better than conventional frame systems. The aim of the ETH Moto Racing Team is to ensure that the frame and swingarm bends rather than twists when driving over bumps in a tilted position to improve the driving experience in extreme tilted positions and enable the rider to steer the bike more intuitively.

Additional Highlights