World premiere E-Bullet.

As the name "E-Bullet" suggests, a true projectile is to be unveiled at this SWISS-MOTO premiere. Weighing only 165 kilograms and with a maximum rear axle torque of an incredible 860 Newton metres, Swiss motorcycle builder Peter Fässler is hoping to set up an acceleration record for 0 to 100 kilometres per hour and secure the title of "most powerful electrochopper in the world". To beat the 3-second mark, which is not necessarily feasible even with eminent road racers, this Ybrig-based motorcycle builder has pulled out all the stops and fitted an electric engine that was tested at the infamous Isle of Man road race. This gem of engineering prowess is to be presented to the public for the first time at SWISS-MOTO 2018.

Event program

Thursday & Friday
  • 12 am | 4 pm | 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday

  • 12 am | 2 pm | 4 pm


  • SWISS-MOTO DROM, hall 7

Additional Highlights