Special exhibition «Army Motorcycles».

Fans of historical motorcycles are also guaranteed to get their money's worth at SWISS-MOTO. In 2018, SWISS-MOTO is staging a unique exhibition of army motorcycles. Through the show's cooperation with the Wildegg military museum and the Swiss Army's Central Office of Historical Army Equipment, visitors to SWISS-MOTO can enjoy the first gap-free collection of Swiss Army Motorcycles from the second world war right up to the present day. True rarities will be served up, including the Universal A 1000, designed as a combat vehicle with an ammunition trailer, and the Condor A 580 with an engine that made a special noise so that dispatch riders and tank escorts could be identified from a long way off. Alongside army motorcycles, rare army Vespa and Lambretta scooters will also be on show; these were designed for courier services and produced in test series of only 20 each.

Additional Highlights